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Why Choose Cardenas Housekeeping


Maintaining a clean and organized home can be difficult. After a long day at work, you likely have limited free time, and spending your weekends on intensive cleaning might not be appealing. Thankfully, we have the answer. Our house cleaning services in the northwest suburbs are tailored to elevate the appearance of your space, allowing you the leisure time you rightfully deserve for activities that bring you joy.

Move In/Out

Moving can be stressful enough without worrying about having to tidy up after you’re finished. Cardenas Housekeeping is here to alleviate the moving stress. The last thing you should concern yourself with is the task of cleaning and preparing your house or apartment for the next occupants. We offer comprehensive move-in and move-out services, enabling you to concentrate on what truly matters – your new residence.

Post Renovation

Cardenas Housekeeping specializes in professional post-renovation cleaning services, ensuring a meticulous and comprehensive cleaning of your recently renovated or newly constructed area. We collaborate directly with your contractors to deliver expert cleaning towards the final stages of construction, rectifying any remaining issues or concerns while ensuring your space is not only habitable but also visually appealing.

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